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    Get £30 off all projects above £200. Simply contact us upon completion of the project, and we will refund you. 10th May to 10th June. China HR Webinar Series

    2 November 2018

    China has been through some “growing pains” over the past decade in lacking a skilled labour force to meet the evolving needs of a modern business environment, and this issue is not likely to resolve itself quickly.  Some people are also saying that foreign employers are losing their attractiveness for ambitious Chinese professionals. As a British business setting up or expanding in China, where do you find the talent you need to grow your business? What is the best way to employ them?  And how do you keep them productive and loyal? What are the key points you need to be aware in the employment contract?

    In a series of webinars held by, seasoned HR experts from China will speak about the latest trends in the Chinese employment market and implications for Western businesses.


    1st Session – Hiring in China: channels and options
    9:30am UK time, Wednesday 21st November

    Topics covered:

    • The employment market status in China for foreign employers
    • Effective channels to recruit the talent you want
    • Comparison of various options to hire your Chinese employees


    2nd Session – Managing your Chinese employees: developing and motivating the younger generation
    9:30am UK time, Thursday 6th December

    Topics covered:

    • How to attract and manage different groups of Chinese talent (age, gender, education etc):  what are the motivational factors that influence the Chinese workforce especially the young generation?
    • Getting the best out of your Chinese employees: seeing the Chinese staff in a social and cultural contex
    • Trends in Chinese career development


    3rd Session – Practical aspects of China HR: contract and benefits
    9:30am UK time, Tuesday 15th January

    Topics covered:

    • Some key points about Employment contract
    • Latest social security policy update and implications on new start up foreign businesses operating in China


    Speakers & Facilitators:

    Jenny Chen
    Jenny is a highly effective coach, facilitator and HR consultant with solid professional background and leadership experience.  She has lived and worked in 10 cities in China, and visited 15 European countries during her two-year career in Europe. Her experiences from local to global contribute to her great intercultural sensibility, capability and adaptability. Her HR profession consists around 20 years working in MNC including Yum, Unilever, Baxter and Ferrero,  rising to head of China HR and gained high recognitions by both business leaders and employees.  She is a pragmatic HR consultant who can understand the business and organization needs, and she provides effective and customized solution to make real impact to organization and people development.

    Ting Zhang
    Ting is the Founder & CEO at  Known as one of leading China business experts in the UK, he has 20+ years experience of UK-China international business, trade and investment. Ting first came to the UK to study in the University of Cambridge, and then in 2001, foreseeing the increasing trade between the UK and China, Ting left her career as a banker in the City of London to set up China Business Solutions which then became one of the most reputable China specialist consultancies in Europe. She has personally coached many British entrepreneurs and helped them achieve better results in doing business with China.

    In her continuous pursuit for a more efficient and affordable way to facilitate international trade with China, Ting launched in 2017, the first online platform dedicated to English-Chinese bilingual business services.

    By Crayfish

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