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    Get £30 off all projects above £200. Simply contact us upon completion of the project, and we will refund you. 10th May to 10th June. China IP & Trademark webinar series 

    27 December 2018

    The rise of intellectual property in China is at unprecedented levels. In 2017, IP filings in China soared with patent applications exceeding the combined total applications received by the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the European Patent Office.

    China has made huge changes to its laws and trading environment, which have created huge opportunities for British companies. As a British business setting up or expanding in China, what’s the difference in the Trademark law between China and the UK? What is the best way to protect your brand?  And how do you prevent infringement? Where to start the whole litigating process?

    In a series of webinars held by, seasoned IP experts from China will speak about the latest trends in the Chinese IP & Trademark law and implications for Western businesses.



    1st Session – IP in China? Trademark Law and Current Trends in Chinese IP, 
    9:30am- 10:15am, Tuesday 22nd January

    Topics covered:

    • Current developments in Chinese IP Law
    • Future changes and what to look out for
    • Introduction to Chinese Trademark Law
    • Application process for Trademark rights in China


    2nd Session – Protect Yourself: IP Strategy and Litigating in China,
    9:30am- 10:15am, Tuesday 5th March

    Topics covered:

    • Preventing infringement.
    • Dealing with infringement when it occurs.
    • Litigating in China – where to start?
    • Case studies


    Presented by and our IP & Trademark service partner


    Nell Greenhouse

    Nell is a bilingual legal consultant and case manager specialising in intellectual property law. Having lived in China for 5 years, she is experienced advising both Fortune 500 companies and SMEs, and has a deep understanding of the culture, business landscape and challenges faced by foreign companies operating in China. Nell gained her Law degree at the University of Sheffield and honed her Chinese language skills at Nanjing University (where she studied International Law – in Mandarin) before being headhunted to her current position in Beijing. She has previously appeared as panellist on acclaimed political talk show “一虎一席谈 Tiger Talks” and is skilled in IP strategy consultancy, interpretation and cross-cultural communication.



    Amy Guo

    Amy is a trademark attorney specialising in trademark infringement, copyright infringement, and unfair competition disputes. Amy has gathered years of experience in handling trademark oppositions, trademark nullifications, trademark administrative litigation, legal consulting, IP Customs protection, and advising domestic and foreign companies on legal issues in China. She is a skilled negotiator with an eye for detail, and a deep understanding of the needs of international clients.



    Ting Zhang

    Ting is the Founder & CEO at  Known as one of leading China business experts in the UK, he has 20+ years experience of UK-China international business, trade and investment. Ting first came to the UK to study in the University of Cambridge, and then in 2001, foreseeing the increasing trade between the UK and China, Ting left her career as a banker in the City of London to set up China Business Solutions which then became one of the most reputable China specialist consultancies in Europe. She has personally coached many British entrepreneurs and helped them achieve better results in doing business with China.

    In her continuous pursuit for a more efficient and affordable way to facilitate international trade with China, Ting launched in 2017, the first online platform dedicated to English-Chinese bilingual business services.


    By Crayfish

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