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    Could your business benefit from the help of a talented Chinese-speaking intern?

    2 May 2019

    Now British corporations and SMEs keen to access the promising Chinese market – or grow your presence there – can gain valuable support from Chinese students already in the UK. has available a bank of students from leading universities, all of whom can help you navigate the linguistic and cultural barriers that could hamper success.

    For businesses, having support from a talented, ambitious Chinese-speaking intern for several weeks or months over the summer is an opportunity to gather cultural insight and accomplish important communication, marketing and administrative tasks.

    Students benefit from real work experience and the chance to put into practice the science, engineering, IT, marketing, financial or business skills and knowledge they have gained in prestigious universities.

    How it works? 

    This Crayfish Ad Package, available for a nominal fee of just £49, works through our online platform at

    • Register your business on the website as a client.
    • Go to ‘Post your job’  page and select the £49 package ‘work experience/ intern’.
    • Post a description of your intern opportunities to the Crayfish platform. Your ad will be promoted to our database of students, through our own and partners’ social media channels, and through our connections with Chinese student associations in major UK universities.
    • Applications will be sent to and forwarded on to you directly.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via

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