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    About me

    Eric Yin is a passionate dream chaser with diversified experience as the leader in high-tech start-up, FMCG giants, and business development professional. In his past professional experience, he keeps moving toward becoming a strategic thinker and problem solver.

    He used to lead and contribute at multinational enterprise in various industries such as Unilever, Uber, Yili Group and Mobike. His splendid career life provides him mature and exclusive point of view in order to enhance DBC with outstanding marketing strength in the blockchain field.

    He holds B.A. of Supply Chain Management in both Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and Shanghai University of International Business & Economics.

    When not working, you may find him in squash court, Toastmasters club or traveling around the world.

    He is interested in helping foreign projects to land their marketing or growth strategy quickly in China market, which can make the most of what he is good at and experienced in.

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