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    • Xinkun Product Development Manager 1 review
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    About me

    A hands-on customer analytics Product Development Manager with a variety of knowledge in

    managing multiple development streams and projects, fully capable of building an analytics tool from

    the scratch to rolling out with a full customer-go-to plan

    • As the Manager, defining and driving Product Roadmap, managing and coaching onshore and

    offshore development teams, and leading and collaborating development projects with

    technology/outsourcing partners (UK, China and India), key business stakeholders (UK and China),

    business analyst, testers, developers, Customer insight team.

    • A forward/creative thinker believes in IT Product Innovation to Win, and a natural storyteller and

    problem solver

    • Passionate about Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Visualization (Tableau), Data Transformation

    (Alteryx) and Growth Hacking.

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