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    About me

    Career Summary

    A self-driven, resourceful, and dynamic finance leader qualified with Deloitte.LLP, with 17+ years of experience achieving business and financial objectives, improving processes, mitigating business risks and executing innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency. Skilled communicator, team player, and engaging leader able to collaborate with cross-functional peers and motivate teams to exceed goals. Analytical and organised as well as highly adaptable, proactive, and pragmatic. Expertise in collaborating with cross-functional employees across organisational levels to accomplish set corporate targets.

    Financial Competencies

              Risk Control & Mitigation

              Cash Flow Management

              Accounts Reconciliation

              Management Reporting

              Budgeting, reforecasting

              Financial presentation

              Financial fraud investigation

              Financial Audit

           Accounts Management

           Training & Development

           Regulatory Compliance

           Team Leadership

           Financial and tax reporting

           Currency management and control

           Process mapping

    I will be able to help with the jobs from the following areas:

    – Financial & tax report

    – Business planning, budgeting, forecasting, cashflow.

    – Financial Audit

    – Business Process Mapping

    – Translations on financial statements, reports, etc

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