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    About me

    I have been a teacher of English and Chinese for over 20 years. I have extensive experience in media too, working as a radio presenter and editor in Shanghai for 9 years. I hold Bachelor’s Degree in English Education as well as Trinity College London TESOL Certificate. I also have Business Teaching Certificate awarded by Confucius Institute of Business London, LSE and Tsinghua University. I hold Master of Studies in Creative Writing from the University of Cambridge.

    I have worked as an interpreter and translator both in the UK and China. My most notable translation work is the Chinese version of Mountains of the Mind by Robert Macfarlane. I have translated documents for Cambridge County Council such as Safeguarding for Children and Young People. I have translated brochures and school regulations and immigration rules for educational institutes like Anglia Ruskin University and St Andrew’s College, Cambridge. My interpreting experience includes working with Zubin Mehta and Mary Black. I have been interpreting for Chinese delegations at meetings, training sessions and during tours in recent years.

    I am interested in various job opportunities including translation and interpreting as I have a very flexible professional attitude and my big range of skills allow me to meet the clients’ needs and deadlines successfully.



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