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    About me

    I have been a student of Durham University since 2017 and I am major in Mathematics. I studied A-level in the UK and my subjects were maths, further maths and physics.

    My work experience:
    A. Teaching assistant(part-time job)
    Applied from ONPS Summer School. Teaching assistants helped professors to teach the courses for transferring credits for the undergraduates from USA. And I was the teaching assistant for chemistry course and biology course. I helped with the reception for professors and students, lab practical and reports, as well as the attendance, quiz, mid-term and end-term exams. I showed my enthusiastic to work, coordinate ability with professors and students and also my knowledge on chemistry, biology and lab practical. I awarded the honour of “star volunteer”.
    B. Sales assistant(internship)
    Applied from GBV Glasses Shop. My responsible was leading guests to the counter they needed for their glasses. And helped with a prize ceremony with being a receptionist. I actually learned a lot from this work experience especially for the knowledge on eyes and eyes-care, and also some basic glasses price which demands different types consumers. I had a look at how glasses were made fortunately, which was amazing.
    C. Volunteering in the Science Museum
    This volunteering was helping the Science Museum introduce one particular part — Advanced Technique Machines in X-ray for children and parents. It did need lots of patient.

    I am interested in teaching jobs because my dream job is being a professor. I am also interested in programming jobs because I have learned HTML & CSS by myself and PYTHON by our first-year programming course in the university. What’s more, I think business work is quite fun and I really want to try it although that is not my major.

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