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    About me

    I am currently a second-year Mathematics student at Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

    I am currently the publicity officer of Cambridge University Chinese Cultural Society(CUCCS). I work closely with a team of 11 to run a society of over 400 active members, manage the Wechat official account and facebook group, write publicity articles, make posters to advertise our events.

    I am also a Maths tutor working for Camexpress. I have made an online course of STEP, a maths exam Cambridge requires every student applying for Maths to take. I spotted and generalised patterns of the questions and introduced specific answering skills to each of them. 90% of my students achieved high scores in STEP and Olympiads.

    I rate and write quality reviews including photos about restaurants in Cambridge. Co-manage and promote a Facebook page – Foodbridge, and has boosted the number of likes towards 1000.

    I am familiar with Microsoft Office and Photoshop. I am able to do some basic programming using Matlab.

    I am interested in any numerical jobs that I can do using my ability in maths. I am also interested in marketing, with my experience with social media. 


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