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    About me

    • Fluent spoken, reading, and writing Mandarin Chinese and English

    • Extensive traveling experiences and cultural exposure

    • 12 years translation and editing experience in marketing, IT, machinery , automobile, Legal, website and business etc



    SDLX, SDL Trados, Transit, MemoQ, Xbench, Passlo, etc

    Working experience:



    Freelancer translator



    Grand Strong Limited.      Fulltime /Linguistic lead

    Responsible for leading the translation of the translation team, to ensure the quality of translation in line with customer requirements.

    Specific tasks include:

    Before translation: Analysis Project, and communication with project managers, project and personnel to make reasonable arrangements;

    During Translation: project-specific content, the request for translators and language stylistic considerations, specific to the project and make the appropriate adjustments. Communicate with the project manager to determine a unified terminology. Audit translation and provide LQA report, hands-on works include translation and editing (especially for Apple, Expedia and Volvo projects, total wordcount exceeds 3 million) ;

    After translation: Provide overall project terms and sentences consistency checks, QA reports and submit problem reports for clients to submit the final draft. Based on customer feedback to guide the interpreter revision Bug, respond to customer LQA report.

    Other work includes: a translator training for specific projects, including translation skills and translation tools. Cultivate teamwork and coordination of internal working arrangements, and play role of work teams.



    Sokkia technology in Beijing, China           Translation Dept.      Translator and editor

    A variety of business documents, mainly related to electronics, medical and test equipment.



    East Kema company in Beijing, China         Translation Dept.      Translator and editor

    Translations related to medicine, medical equipment, machinery, petrochemicals, engines, travel, hotels and other large projects.



    Chuan Serco Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd.         Translation Dept.      Translator and editor

    translations including printers, photocopy, fax machines, software, cameras, video cameras, commercial contracts, medical products, communications equipment, promotional materials and other manuals, web pages, books, translation and proofreading. Cannon had been seconded to the Japanese company has done translation test, translation, proofreading.

    Chinese Languages

    Please only choose the language that is at least at professional proficiency level.

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    • Experience: 12 years
    • Projects worked: 1
    • Country: China