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    About me

    The foundation of my bi-lingual skills was laid at one of the top English language universities in China. After graduation, I worked in a number of roles from team leader at one of the top three translation agencies in China to being a Director’s PA for a British creative agency in Shanghai. In this latter role, I was part of the team that serviced Apple, Hugo Boss and Reebok. 

    I relocated to the UK in 2015 and has been working as an interpreter and translator since then. My repertoire ranges from automobile, mechanical engineering to finance and banking. I combine interpreting skills with effectiveness in challenging situations. 

    My track record:

    ·       Vice Premier Yandong Liu’s visit to UK

    ·       The 8th Economic and Financial Dialogue business dinner, featuring Mr Ma Kai and the Rt Hon Greg Hands, UK

    ·       The 5th Meeting of Heads of Government CEEC-China, Riga, Latvia

    ·       Investors’ relations meetings and roadshows for JP Morgan, CICC, UK

    ·       BOAO FORUM FOR ASIA Financial Cooperation Conference, UK

    ·   Various Ministerial Visits and bilateral meetings between China and UK on IP protection, Intellectual Property Office, UK

    ·       UK-China Intellectual Property Symposium, Intellectual Property Office, UK

    ·       Ministerial visits on immigration, counter human trafficking, visa issues between the Ministry of Public of China and Home Office, UK

    ·       In-depth training on UK healthcare and GP system featuring various visits to hospitals, GP practices, Essex County Council, UK

    ·       Online Symposium on epilepsy, pharmaceutical company , UK

    ·       Producer’s Workshop, Cannes Film Festival, France

    ·       Visits by Governors and Minister of Commerce from Chinese provinces, CBBC, UK

    ·       Executive Training Programmes on leadership, management, banking, innovation, University of Cambridge , UK

    ·       Business meeting of the Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors, with academic presentation on medicines and healthcare, University of Oxford, UK

    ·       EU-China Economic Relations Roundtable, Chatham House, UK

    ·       BMW MINI Global Dealer Conference, Sweden

    ·       UK’s legislation and judicial system relating to environmental litigation, High People’s Court of China, UK

    ·       2nd UK-China Innovation and Technology Transfer Workshop, UK

    ·       Chinese missions to the UK on energy and gas markets, Department of International Trade, UK

    Customer feedback:

    “Fion is very professional and she seems to manage to translate even the most complex scientific information without batting an eyelid. I also know she was recovering from a cold but she didn’t allow that to interfere with her job. She’s a delight to have in the party and yet she’s always watching for the moment when she needs to translate even in a social environment. I can’t speak too highly of her.”

    Our event was a big success. The interpretation received great recognition from both the executives of our company and our clients. Fion did great jobs in media roundtable and workshop tasks.

    “We have been very happy about the work done by Fion. She is brilliant. We would definitely work with you again in the future.”

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