Remote Working | Working remotely during a global pandemic: Avery’s story at

When my first year at university came to an abrupt end due to the pandemic, I was keen to maximise my time by channelling my passion for China and Chinese culture whilst broadening my understanding of UK-China business relations. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do exactly that over the last five months through my role as a virtual marketing and data analysis work experience student at 


Despite the challenges associated with working remotely, I was immediately welcomed into the team and I have gained valuable insights into many aspects of the company including marketing, PR, business development, and communication. I am particularly proud to have introduced the #mondayinspiration posts on social media whilst maintaining and promoting other content. Researching for blog articles, meanwhile, led to an appreciation of the core differences between China and UK marketing and design. This understanding was furthered through attending a number of fascinating webinars and assisting in research. team virtual meeting

During the course of my five-month with, I was given increasingly more independence and control of projects. The duration of the working experience provided the opportunity for me to gain a great understanding of the company’s marketing structure and become more confident in matching the tone and style of previous posts and blog entries on the website. I welcomed suggestions for improvement and believe that this opportunity has resulted in me becoming a more conscientious and detail-oriented worker. 


To sum up, COVID-19 has been an entirely life-altering phenomenon, and I am so grateful that allowed me to join the team during this time of great significance when companies of all sizes and models have been forced to adapt and readjust to the changing circumstances. This period has also shown that the relationship between China and the U.K. is dynamic, and I found it extremely valuable to see how reacted to political and social changes whilst ensuring that their online platform is used in a timely and productive manner. 


Thank you so much to Crayfish team for being so welcoming and giving me this amazing experience!