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    Business & Commercial

    Crayfish enables you to access talent and resources to develop your business, supporting all commercial aspects of your day-to-day operations in China. Working wit bi-cultural talented individuals who understands the market, you will find that selling and operating in China is no longer mission impossible.

    Helping you achieve commercial success in the Chinese market

    Selling into China

    • Following up trade mission leads
    • Preparing for eExhibitions
    • Carrying out cold calls
    • Visiting customers
    • Developing your business


    • Negotiating commercial contracts
    • Repatriating profits
    • Setting up an office
    • Securing manufacturing facilities
    • Sourcing & supply chain

    Logistics & Admin

    • Shipping samples to China
    • Completing import & export licences
    • Sorting out China ICP licences
    • Applying for work permits
    • Arranging logistics for China trips

    The platform provides you with a choice of freelancers who are responsive and cost effective. Crayfish also offers to manage projects on your behalf. Contact us for a free quote.

    “My experience with Crayfish was really satisfactory. It was fast and cost-effective.”

    Managing Director, Cambridge Early Education

    Helpful Tips

    Are there any quick tips for negotiating a commercial contract with the Chinese?

    Large contracts usually take several rounds of negotiation, so do not expect they will be agreed in just one meeting. Allow sufficient time for this – if not days then weeks, and even plan for a return trip. In terms of pricing, leave sufficient room for bargaining but you may still have to offer discounts to get a deal done. Most importantly, you must be prepared to “walk away” if your bottom lines are reached. If you are provided with unconvincing information as a reason for lower pricing, ask for the evidence and the information source. Finally, do not show it if you are happy with the results, even if you really are!

    What is the best way to source from China?

    There are quite a few large supplier-matching portals like, but if you are not already familiar with how Chinese suppliers work, you may get confused by the sheer number of choices on such portals. Also some of those listed are not genuine suppliers but middlemen, and in the worst cases, information on an individual supplier’s profile is fake. What you can do is combine internet research with phone calls to shortlisted suppliers, to verify their ability to supply what you want, and to ensure that they have all the necessary certificates you require, such as ISO14000 etc.

    How long does a sales process take in China?

    It varies and of course depends on your products or services. But generally, you should not expect quick sales. The Chinese are more likely to do business with people once they have built up some kind of trust, so you should view your first few visits and meetings as relationship building; getting to know each other. However, there are occasions when your products may be sought after in China, and people may be desperately trying to get hold of them. In this case, you should seek good advice on how to handle the interest.

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