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    Crayfish had a great day at last week’s China Conference

    By Ting Zhang

    “Crayfish had a great day at last week’s China Conference with lots of interest received from delegates from all kinds of businesses, ranging from British mother and baby brands to industrial manufacturers, from China’s telecom giants to railway logistics companies. They are interested in using our platform to find Chinese speakers for translation of brochures as well as digital marketing. Some are even keen to start Madanrin lessons!! It was great to share our updates with Ambassador Liu and to introduce to Minister of State Mark Field, and to welcome Minister Counsellors Jin Xu and Jiang Sunan to our stand.

    I enjoyed our panel session about getting goods to China and glad my message about effective communication got across well. Thanks to my team for their great efforts today and especially for getting some deliciously looking buiscuits and cupcakes, which proved really popular!!  We look forward to following up with the enquiries from the day, and helping more SMEs to do business with China. “


    How do I register an official WeChat account as a foreign company?

    By Crayfish

    WeChat is now China biggest multi-purpose social media platform. With 1 billion active users monthly, WeChat is THE platform used by Chinese customers to follow and interact with their favourite brands. It’s vital for businesses who want to engage with their Chinese consumers to have an official WeChat account.

    What type of Wechat account should I get?

    There are three different types of WeChat official accounts:

    1. Subscription paid account
    2. Service account
    3. Enterprise account

    Enterprise account is designed for internal management of companies. It requires the account owner to approve the followers, so the content will be limited to authorised users only. Therefore, most companies will usually choose either Subscription or Service account.

    Now, what’s the difference between the Subscription and the Service account? In a nutshell, the Subscription account enables you to post more frequently (daily), while Service account only allows you to post 4 times/ month. However, notifications for any updates on Service accounts will appear directly in user’s conversation log, whilst the posts from a subscription accounts are limited in a subscription folder without any visible notifications on WeChat main operation panel. Furthermore, many of WeChat unique features such as CRM, custom menus are only available to Service accounts.

    In general, if your product offering is content centred (e.g. Media, KOL, newspaper and magazine etc.), you should go for the Subscription account. In other cases, especially when you run an eCommerce business, Crayfish will suggest that you open a Service account.

    How to register an official WeChat account?

    There are two main ways for overseas companies to register an official account on WeChat.

    Option 1: Register an international account using your own oversea business license.

    It’s a longer application process (2-3 months) and costs more than 1000 USD to open. It does have some great advantage to control the account completely, although it also has some drawbacks:

    • Higher annual verification fee charged by Tencent (operator for WeChat)
    • Taking 2-3 months to setup
    • Domestic WeChat users do not have access to WeChat International official accounts

    Option 2: Use a 3rd-party Chinese license to create the account.

    Most companies adopt this method, in which case, your account will have your name, description and logo, but will still be linked to the legal entity which created for the account. It is a lot quicker (within 2 weeks) and it costs much less compared to the overseas account.

    The main requirements to create such an account are:

    • Business license of a company in China
    • Access to the bank account of this company (the verification fee has to be paid by this company, or a small amount is sent to the company’s account as a “verification code”)
    • The Chinese ID card of a Chinese citizen with a WeChat Payment account linked to his/her bank card

    This creation process usually takes around 1 to 2 weeks and the only costs (if you handle it on your own) is a 300 RMB verification fee (about $50 USD)

    What’s the next step?

    Crayfish usually suggests that any company without legal entity in China to register through 3rd-party Chinese license. Furthermore, you could verify your WeChat account once it’s set up. Verification is only currently available to Chinese official accounts.

    Our freelancers and partners are able to help you to prepare these relevant documents and manage their final submission. We also offer a managed package service which includes account set up via Crayfish and WeChat platform management.

    If you are interested, why don’t you post a project on now? You can see some budget suggestions on our Digital Marketing page. We are also very happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us.

    How do I register a verified Weibo account?

    By Crayfish

    Sina Weibo, known as the Chinese twitter, is one of the most popular social media sites in China. With over 392 million monthly active users, it is the top social media platform Crayfish would recommend for your brand to start with.
    What type of Weibo account should I get?

    There are four different types of accounts on Weibo:

    1. Regular personal account
    2. Regular company account
    3. Verified personal account
    4. Verified company account

    There’s also a VIP upgrade that can be purchased in addition to anyone of the 4 accounts above.

    Crayfish suggests that all companies should aim to have a verified company account. The verified account means that your company has been vetted. It gives much more credibility to your account, which is especially important for consumers who can be skeptical dealing with businesses overseas. A verified account also comes with additional marketing features: e.g. access to the activity centre and launching reward winning activities to your followers (e.g. promotions and prizes)

    What documents are required?

    If you have a Chinese business license, you could register as a local Chinese company. The documents that you will need are straight forward:

    • Most up to date information about the company, including official trading name of the business and contact email address;
    • Detailed information of the business license (e.g. registration number)
    • Scanned copy of business license and certificate of organization code.

    There are two scenarios of how a corporate account can be verified if you are a foreign company without Chinese business license.

    1. Verifying an account via a dealer/distributor

    If you have already registered your trademark in China, you can go with this option. You could verify your Weibo account via your distributor. Your distributor needs to prepare the following documents:

    • Certificate of dealership to prove legitimacy of your dealer’s or distributor’s operations for your products in China;
    • Chinese business license of your dealer or distributor.

    2. Verifying your account directly

    If you are an overseas company and your trademark is not registered in China, you will need to follow this process. In addition, you will need to pay a fee based on your location. The documents that you need to prepare are listed below:

    • Company’s registration documents and business licenses, together with their translations into Chinese;
    • Application Covering Letter and Third Party Authorization letter that should include the company’s seal and/or company director/chairman’s signature;
    • Purchase Order Form;
    • Official website URL;
    • Detailed introduction to the company’s products and/or services;
    • Operation contact person or team contact information.

    What’s the next step?

    All your submitted information will be carefully checked prior to final approval and they will ask for additional information if they are not clear about nature of your business. We would strongly suggest you to commission someone who is familiar with most updated information as well as living in the same time zone. China is 8 hours ahead of UK, having someone locally would significantly speed up the formality process.

    Freelancers and partners at Crayfish can help you with any questions, translating and notarising your documents, submission and the final verification for your Weibo account.

    If you are interested, why don’t you post a project on now? You can see some budget suggestions on our Digital Marketing page. We are also very happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us.

    Discover what Chinese do on New Year’s Eve!

    By Crayfish

    Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is an important Chinese holiday celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar.

    This is without doubt the largest annual human migration of the year on our planet. Millions of people embark on homebound journeys in all directions, radiating from mostly first tier cities in China to smaller towns and villages, covering a land mass of over 9 million square kilometres. From the biting cold of the north to the lush greens of the south, people from every region celebrate this annual event in their own ways.

    Dumplings are an absolute essential on the menu for the northern part of China on New Year’s Eve. These delicate, little boat-shaped parcels can be stuffed with all kinds of fillings, for example fish, red meats or poultry, mixed with vegetables. The senior members of the family who prepare the meals often randomly put some ‘special items’ into the little parcels for the children. And whoever picks them during the meal would be considered lucky for the rest of year!

    People from the southeast part of China cannot leave behind ‘NianGao’ (rice cake) or ‘TangYuan’  (sweet dumplings) on New Year’s Eve on their dinner table. Both are made of sticky rice, which has been pounded into a very thick paste that can be moulded into any shape. The small, round dumplings – TangYuan  –symbolise family unity,  perfectly suited in this festive season.

    It’s a tradition for my family to sit together and watch the New Year’s Gala on Chinese State Television, which is a truly remarkable show that has been running for over 30 years since it was first aired in 1983. The show has had a huge impact on modern Chinese pop culture and generations of people who grew up with the show. It is an essential programme for many households.

    Red, corresponding with fire, symbolises good fortune and joy, so red is found everywhere during Chinese New Year. From the palaces which are glittered with neon lights to their neighbouring narrow alleyways, red lanterns hang over every corner of the city and fireworks light up the sky. They amplify the festive mood, while many people may take a stroll in a flower fayre or rush to the nearest temple for the best local shows.

    Chinese New Year is by far the most important public holiday in China, but it is also a great opportunity to tap into this enormous market when most people are resting at home.

    However, because of the enormity of it, with distinctive cultural characteristics from region to region, you may need a helping hand to reach your intended audience., through our highly skilled, carefully vetted bilingual freelancers, offers a tailor-made service, designed to suit all kinds of enterprise at a competitive price.

    Get in touch with now to find out how we can help you connect, position and boost your business in China! Adds More Language Power

    By Crayfish

    With a new strategic partnership just formed from the outset of 2018, can now offer significant cost savings to large translation and website localisation projects, in addition to our popular freelancing translation services via the platform This means we can now cater for the needs in multi-lingual support, no matter the size of the businesses and their location. This new partnership will help solve language barriers for trading between China and the world.

    Our founder and CEO Ting Zhang had the pleasure to meet with Mr Qing Wu (Chairman of Shanghai Stock Exchange) and Ms Elisha Ding (CEO of Glodom) during her recent trip to China. As one of the most competent techcrats in the Chinese capital markets, Mr Qing Wu will add a lot to the further development of Shanghai as the country’s financial capital.

    China Changes the Way It Manages Yuan After Currency’s Jump

    By Crayfish

    China’s central bank has made a change to the regime used to manage the yuan, effectively removing a component used by banks to calculate their submissions to the currency’s daily reference rate, according to people familiar with the matter.

    David Cameron Leads a £750m UK-China Fund

    By Crayfish

    Great to see the former PM leading the UK-China Fund. The news says “It will help firms to overcome hurdles such as cultural differences and regulations in the two countries”. The multilingual talents on project marketplace can just help the UK and Chinese firms to achieve that! Sign up to post Chinese projects for free at today.

    The Founder & CEO of is Featured on UK-Chinese Times

    By Crayfish

    Our founder and CEO, Ting Zhang, was interviewed by UK-Chinese Times (英中时报), one of the most influential Chinese newspaper in the UK. Ting has shared her rich life experience and the mission and vision of
    (Article in Chinese)

    The Founder & CEO of is Featured on UK-Chinese Times

    近日,英中时报特约记者对Crayfish.io创始人及CEO张婷女士进行了独家专访。张婷向大家分享了自己丰富多彩的人生经验和创建Crayfish.io的初衷 Helps You Catch Up on the Latest Chinese Business Trends

    By Crayfish

    Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of Cambridge-based, has been connecting with some of industry’s brightest minds at recent events and webinars. Her journey in the past few weeks highlights a few of the latest Chinese business trends:
    •Opportunities for UK companies – ‘One Belt One Road’
    •China’s leadership role in global economy
    •Practical advice & tips from industry experts
    •Guiding first steps into successful business execution


    The Inside Track on Entering China

    By Crayfish

    Well-known Chinese companies were invited to a lunch panel, discussing practical tips on entering the Chinese market. Those with experience of successfully entering China spoke of the need to understand the cultural and language barriers. Tips on avoiding classic pitfalls were also given.

    View strategies offered by Chinese market experts —>

    Events offer insight into doing business with China

    By Crayfish

    Our Founder and CEO, Ting Zhang, was invited to exclusive events from various sectors, sharing her professional insights into trading with China. Ting highlighted the importance of effective and facilitated communication to overcome cultural barriers and discussed the role of China as a major player in global economy with many industry’s brightest minds.


    Crayfish is on the cover of China Daily newspaper

    By Ting Zhang is on the cover page of China Daily, the widest print circulation of any English-language newspaper in China with an international audience.

    Mastering the use of emojis on Wechat

    By Ting Zhang

    I haven’t mastered the use of half of the emojis on Wechat but already made a few mistakes according to this article – have a look and see if you have got them right?

    Crayfish is generating more awareness

    By Ting Zhang

    Crayfish is generating more awareness in the tech clusters in Cambridge but at the same time businesses have signed up from outside the UK – the latest additions are the Netherlands and Italy! Thanks so much to those who have been supporting us. We will continue to improve the platform and our services to help you.

    The local media has reported Crayfish: