Lead Generation in China – Qualification


  • Completed within 4 working weeks
  • Localised credentials deck
  • 10 Leads Approached
  • Introductory calls proposed




£1500.00 Special Offer

How do you qualify and shortlist partners in China?

You may already know who your targeted partners are, but it is difficult to get the opportunity to introduce yourself to relevant people in the Chinese organization due to language barriers, organisational structure and culture differences. This service can help you approach and engage the decision makers on your behalf, and establish whether there would be interest in an introductory call or video meeting.  



The scope and deliverables of the partner qualification service include:

  • ● Approaching up to 10 leads provided by you or identified from  Crayfish’s Lead Generation in China Service 
  • ● Proposing a call, video call or meeting with interested companies

Note: This service doesn’t guarantee all companies identified are interested in your company and your products


How the project is delivered

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  • 2. Work & delivery

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