China Business Culture Half-day Workshop

China Business Culture Half-day Workshop

Why do you need to attend China Cultural Workshop?

A recent survey carried out by to over 100 British companies indicated that the major key risk and barrier to entering China is language and culture. Over 50% of the respondent said understanding the business culture was critical to their success thus far in China. Hence any business person looking to achieve commercial success in China would benefit from an understanding of Chinese philosophy, culture and business practices.

Some important tips to know are:

  • Why and how the Chinese think and behave differently?

  • How to interact and communicate with your Chinese counterparts?

  • Do’s and don’ts during your business trip to China?

  • How to handle group meetings, conferences and 121 meetings?

  • How to negotiate with your Chinese counterparts?

  • What measures you should take to protect your IPR

China is a huge country and potentially a lucrative market, which deserves some time and special effort to understand and prepare.

Who should participate:

Management and decision makers, and any business executives who are responsible for developing and operating businesses in China

What’s included in the package?

This workshop is to specifically address these key issues for business that are interested in or already trading with China. Conducted by our pre-vetted providers, the workshop is practical, interactive and illuminating, with a strong focus on day-to-day China business matters. We will guide you through the important do’s and don’ts and will equip you with the comprehensive tools to interact confidently with your Chinese counterpart and to protect your business interest in China.

Each workshop will only admit a maximum of 10 delegates to guarantee a high level of interaction and quality of discussion.

The workshop will last 3 hours and here you could find a sample agenda for the day:

Start 9:30am – 12:00pm

  1. Introduction to Chinese business culture and its influences

  2. 3 main principles of the culture: Key concepts of Chinese culture and philosophy

  3. Business etiquettes – Role play

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm Communication with the Chinese (Email, WeChat, Conference etc. )

The exact format can be discussed and tailored with your selected provider.

What’s required from the company?

  1. A question list of what you want to learn from the workshop

  2. Venue in your office to host the event

Why standard services?


No hidden charges


Top 3% of our providers


Streamlined process


30% cost savings

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