Chinese Website Maintenance and SEO - Monthly Service

Chinese Website Maintenance and SEO - Monthly Service

What's included in the Chinese Website Maintenance and SEO service?

A fully localised website will help establish your credibility and attract attention in China. Once the localisation is done, your Chinese website needs to be well-maintained with continuous SEO improvement to achieve your initial targets.

Our technical and SEO support service will help you with:

  • Weekly software updates
  • Security monitoring
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Two hours of edits per month
  • Monthly Baidu Tongji Traffic report in English
  • SEO traffic improvement: simulating traffic coming through the search engine with certain keywords to achieve 50 unique visits per day, which is included in the fee package. 

£200 monthly fee, a minimum of 6 months.



Why standard services?


No hidden charges


Top 3% of our providers


Streamlined process


30% cost savings

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