China Market Validation – Games

China Market Validation – Games

Why do you need this service?

Given the size, complexity and rapidly changing nature of the Chinese gaming market, it is more important to develop a clear understanding before making hasty decisions. However, the Chinese gaming market is complex with limited published data.

Our market validation service offers a solution. Based on the new regulation and approval process, we can provide a pre-entry audit of your games which will give you better understanding on whether your games meet all the government and industry regulations, and more importantly an analysis of the market segment, general game performance in the same category, potentials and challenges of going into China market. We will also take into consideration the key trends and changes. 

What's included in the package?

Our service will provide thorough evaluation of each individual game, offering you facts and insights on the market situation of games in same category in China. The evaluation report will include challenges and market potentials if you decide to bring this game into China.

* Overview of games in same category and similar games

* Game Evaluation

* Challenges & Potentials entering China market



* Report in Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint

* Estimated turn-around time: 2 working weeks



No hidden charge


Top 3% of our provider


Streamlined process


30% cost saving

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