Due Diligence: Desk Research

Due Diligence: Desk Research

Why is it crutial to do due diligence?

Commercial due diligence is important in any investment or business dealings around the world. In more opaque markets such as China the need for this among companies and law firms advising them is all the greater, be it pre or post event. But how to undertake this effectively?

Our ‘Due Diligence’ service offers a solution. Put simply, with us liaising with you in the UK and an experienced China-based team working through a proven rigorous process in China, an expert team will help you achieve clearer insights, better evaluate and minimize risks. 

What are the benefits?

  • Experience: work undertaken by a China-based trusted partner organisation. with deep experience of assisting a wide range of clients minimize risk, from financial investors, law firms, multinationals to SMEs, across a very wide range of sectors and issues.  
  • Insight: service goes beyond data gathering, assessing various sometimes seemingly contradictory information sources and overlaying strong local understanding of the market to make sense of the information gathered and deliver clear actionable insights.
  • Discretion: research undertaken with utmost discretion. Client’s identity not even shared with our China-based partner if necessary.
  • On the Ground: research is run on the ground in China while we are there for you in the UK.
  • Fast, Hassle-free and Cost-effective: designed to your needs.

What's included in the package?

  • Finalisation of research brief for one company or individual
  • Desk research of published open sources in English & Chinese
  • Synthesis, analysis & report write-up


N.B.: it is strongly recommended to combine desk research and interview-based due diligence -see our other due diligence options



Does not include out of pocket expenses

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