Business Development: Meeting Arrangement

Business Development: Meeting Arrangement

Why is it important to arrange a meeting?

Emails are a poor form of communication -especially when communicating across large geographic and cultural differences. Securing and scheduling meetings, be they face-to-face in China or via video call are often critical to developing relationships with counterparts in China. But how to undertake this effectively from overseas? How to find the relevant persons to contact, how to get hold of them and secure face-to-face or virtual meetings?

Our ‘Meeting Arrangement’ service offers a solution. Put simply, with us liaising with you in the UK and an experienced China-based team working through a proven rigorous process in China, an expert team will help you address this. Being based in China, they will help pinpoint who in an organisation to approach, how to approach them, introduce your organisation in Chinese, and seek to secure a meeting for you.  

What are the benefits?

  • Experience: work undertaken by a China-based trusted partner organisation with deep experience of assisting a wide range of clients across a very wide range of sectors and issues. The team regularly completes such business development tasks and has access to various databases if required.     
  • On the Ground: research is run on the ground in China while we are there for you in the UK. 
  • Fast, Hassle-free and Cost-effective: designed to your needs.

What's included in the package?

  • Finalisation of your brief: which organisation you would like to try to meet, where, what kind of individuals at that organisation, possible dates and times, your meeting objectives, who do you propose would attend the meeting from your side, information on your company (e.g.: company introduction), you company name in Chinese if available
  • Identification of right people to contact at the organisation
  • Initial approach to introduce your company in Chinese and seek to secure a meeting
  • Liaison with you to finalise the meeting if the organisation agrees to meet



  • This quotation is for seeking to organise one meeting with one organisation. If more are required, fees would be multiples of this accordingly, but we should be able to offer a volume discount depending on the number of meetings to be arranged.
  • We are unable to guarantee that the organisation contacted will agree to a meeting. Hence you would be charged for the work in seeking to secure a meeting regardless of whether the organisation accepts to meet or not. If the meeting is declined, the name and title of the individual(s) approached will be provided and when they were approached.  



Does not include out of pocket expenses

Why standard services?


No hidden charges


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Streamlined process


30% cost savings

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