Chinese Website Localisation

Chinese Website Localisation

Why do you need your website localised?

Making a good online impression is critical, especially when dealing with Chinese customers. According to market research studies, localized product information is a more important factor in purchasing decision than price. Most people prefer to read in their native language, so having a fully localized website will help establish your credibility in China if the Chinese market is on your roadmap.

Creating a Chinese version of your website typically involves translation, usability alterations and a consideration of particular cultural likes and dislikes. Our Chinese website localization (or transcreation) service will provide you with a solid online strategy, and in conjunction with high quality translations and friendly design, it will make all the difference to your business in China.

What's included in the package?

Our approach consists of two phases or work, with detailed scope as follows:


  • Defining your business needs, create project plan and workflow according to your specifications and expectations
  • Extraction of all relevant contents, estimation of word counts and turnaround times
  • Working with you to complete a web design Questionnaire


  • Translating web contents to ensure it is contextually and culturally appropriate for the intended Chinese audience
  • Designing the website to suit Chinese readers' habits, customise theme to follow client's website color scheme
  • Developing responsive website, English CMS for managing the site
  • Making sure that all pages are Chinese search engine friendly


  • The design and development of 5 Chinese webpages
  • Text translation of up to 3000 words



No hidden charge


Top 3% of our provider


Streamlined process


30% cost saving

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