Setting up your online store in China

Setting up your online store in China

What's included in the Setting up Your Online Store in China service?

China is one of the largest eCommerce markets in the world. Cross-border eCommerce stores offer overseas brands the opportunity to sell and interact directly with Chinese consumers. Without being a registered business entity in China, you can build your brand by opening online stores on Tmall global, JD worldwide, youzan WeChat mini program stores and more.


We will assist in the setting up of your online stores in the following ways:

  1. Consultation on eCommerce platforms and store types
  2. Bespoke registration checklist and timetable
  3. Submission of store opening application
  4. Monitoring of application process
  5. Transferring of store registration details to client once it is open


Fee charges and deposits required by eCommerce platforms and out of pocket expenses are not included.

Store design, product page design, and store management proposals are available upon request.



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