Set up Foreign Invested Enterprise / WFOE in China

Set up Foreign Invested Enterprise / WFOE in China

Why do you need the Set up Foreign Invested Enterprise / WFOE in China service?

When the time is right, it could well make sense to establish your own legal entity in China. This can have many benefits; such as enabling employment in China, operating a Chinese office, invoicing in local currency (RMB), etc. But what types of legal entity are possible and which makes the most sense? How do you work through the process of registering an entity from overseas and navigate this confusing and complex process? How do you set up a functioning bank account in China which can be operated remotely from overseas?

Our service offers a solution. Put simply, with us liaising with you in the UK and an experienced China-based team, will help you work out which structure to establish and help you register the entity and open a local Chinese bank account while taking care of all the work on the ground in China.

What’s included in the Set up Foreign Invested Enterprise / WFOE in China service?

Our Service package typically includes the following (the list below applies to registering a FIE - the tasks may vary by entity to be registered):

1. Preparation Phase

Preliminary consultation: discussion to help decide which entity to opt for.

Tailor-made document checklist and project timeline

2. Registration Phase

Company document preparation: provision of necessary documents to be completed and guidance as to how to complete them.

Pre-verification of enterprise name

Registration of enterprise name

Application to relevant governmental bureau

Filing with the local Administration of Industry and Commerce (or the equivalent authority)

Collect the final official documents from the authorities

3. Post-Registration Phase

Chops carving

Foreign exchange registration

Bank account opening (capital account and the RMB basic account)



Any quotation does not include out of pocket expenses

The details above, including the fee, are for establishing a FIE/WFOE, we can also help with establishing of other forms of entity such as: representative offices, branches, joint ventures. The quotation for these can be provided on request after an initial discussion to establish the appropriate entity to opt for.



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