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Why do you need help with finding manufacturers in Asia?

There are thousands of manufacturers in Asia including in China, but if you are a micro-business or startup, your volume may be too low for the bigger manufacturers to be interested.  You can waste a lot of time just making contact with those found via Google results – and then discover most are irrelevant to your needs. Furthermore, not all information is available in English and even when it is, it can be vague or difficult to understand.  We can help you by identifying those that are more likely to be suitable for you, using native language search. 


You will get a list of up to 20 manufacturers either in China or Vietnam at your choice,  that produces similar products as yours, each with a brief company introduction and website URL. The list will be in Excel format in English.  Our costs include desktop research, translation and compiling results.


How the project is delivered

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Many Asian suppliers are trading companies who subcontract manufacturing to factories.  If you want to deal directly with the manufacturers, then make sure the supplier you are in touch with owns the factory.  This can be achieved through some due diligence to the suppliers in question.  There is a company check service available on our platform.

Yes, you can hire a local specialist to visit the factory for you and get the information you need.  We offer this service on our platform as well, and you will get a short report in English, with answers to your specific questions and photos from the visit. 

Yes, you should always ask for samples before you settle for a manufacturer. However, this can be less straightforward if there is no existing mould for the product you want to make.  You may also have to pay for costs in getting the samples shipped to you.  It is advisable to hire a local person to liaise on such matters.