Consumer Goods Manufacturer Shortlisting and Assessment

Consumer Goods Manufacturer Shortlisting and Assessment

Why do you need Manufacturer Shortlisting and Assessment service?

China, as the world’s production centre, would have unique advantages as part of your global supply chain. However, it is hard for a foreign business to distinguish the good and bad suppliers especially when international travel is difficult.

The B2C Manufacturer Shortlisting and Assessment service can apply a systematic and cost-effective approach to assist clients in the search, shortlisting and evaluation of manufacturers in China.


What's included in the B2C Manufacturer Shortlisting and Assessment service?

Our manufacturing logsitics service includes:

Phase 1: Initial supplier search

  • Drawing on our own network of trusted manufacturer and suppliers
  • Gathering additional candidates from searching in the public domain

Phase 2 Shortlisting

  • Shortlisting 3 manufacturers/suppliers from initial search results and making contact
  • Obtaining ex-works quotations for desired quantities, with lead time and minimum order requirements (if any)
  • Assessing manufacturers’ production capability for the client

Phase 3: Evaluation

  • Checking all necessary QC certification, credentials and references from existing customers
  • Assessing the general reputation of manufacturers
  • Evaluating the manufacturers’ profile and quotations to recommend the most suitable manufacturer.



No hidden charge


Top 3% of our provider


Streamlined process


30% cost saving

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