Manufacturing Technical Support- Daily Rate

Manufacturing Technical Support- Daily Rate

What's included in the Manufacturing Technical Support service?

Manufacturing of engineering and high-tech products in China can be a complex process for businesses based in Europe to control and monitor, especially cross language barrier and time differences. Our technical support service will provide you with on the ground assistance for you to build supply chain and standardize productions in China. This service includes:  

  • Liaising between the client and the manufacturers on technical requirements before and during the production
  • Carrying out initial technical testing with sample products
  • Arranging sample delivery from China, and provide client’s feedback back to the factory
  • Visiting manufacturer on behalf of the client to check and monitor the production process as required
  • Conducting on-site quality control as agreed between the client and the manufacturers

Note: Sample purchase & shipping costs, documents translation and out of pocket expenses charged separately.




No hidden charge


Top 3% of our provider


Streamlined process


30% cost saving

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