Business Card Translation

Business Card Translation

Why do you need your business card translated?

When you are doing business with Chinese partners, your business card is an essential tool for you to make the first good impression.

Chinese business cards will tell people that you are professional, respect the Chinese culture and commit to the Chinese market. Presenting your Chinese clients with business cards in their native tone shows that you are taking your Chinese initiative seriously. It’s also a way to make sure that your name, title and other crucial information are communicated accurately. Moreover, it will promote your company in a more positive, professional and culturally-aligned way.

What’s included in the package?

  1. Your Chinese name:’s business card translation takes a very unique approach- We not only translate your name based on the English pronunciation, but also combine it into a real Chinese name.

  2. The explanation or each character in your Chinese name

  3. Pinyin to help you pronounce your name

What’s required from the company?

  1. Your English name

  2. A short bio of yourself

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30% cost savings

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