Chinese Brand Name Creation

Chinese Brand Name Creation

What's included in the package?

If your company doesn’t name your brand in China, you may find your customers and clients in China have already given your brand a name. To start with, Chinese people are likely to simply translate your brand name into Chinese according to its English pronunciation. However, the name most likely won’t effectively communicate your brand attributes or attract your target market. Even worse, other players in the market could create a Chinese version of your name and take advantage of it.

A good, meaningful Chinese brand name can transform the brand equity of your original brand into the Chinese market. It can also add a local dimension to your brand’s identity. A good Chinese name is an effective combination of both local and international elements which can greatly appeal to your target market.


The English name for transcreation can be a company name, a brand name or a product name.


The delivery from to the client will include the following:

·       Creative work to produce (typically) 3 options of Chinese names for each English name

·       Notes to explain the meaning/implication of each option created

·       Notes of Pinyin to help the client pronounce the Chinese names

·       Teaching by’s native Chinese speaking staff to pronounce the Chinese names upon the request of the client

What do the clients say?

"Crayfish is a fantastic business that got to know us, our business and our ambitions.  They then provided us with the Chinese brand name creation service at a fixed cost. We received a well-presented name list by meaning and also by pronunciation.  Crayfish clearly thought carefully about what would work best for us and our target market.  There was detailed description to each individual Chinese characters as well. Many thanks for the transcreation of our brand name!"

-- Co-Founder,TopSource Global Solutions

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