How it works for Providers

Crayfish is a great place to put your bilingual language skills and Chinese business experience into practice. It is the place where you can find interesting China-related work, either as part of your own business or just to earn extra income.

Sign up as a provider

Once you sign up as a provider on, you can apply to become a pre-approved fixed-service provider by emailing us with your LinkedIn profile, Crayfish provider account name, and the service categories of your choice.

Get invited

You may also receive invitation by Crayfish team to deliver certain services and notification of new project opportunities.

Account approved

Once you are confirmed as a fixed price service provider, you will receive email notifications of new fixed price projects in your approved categories.

Set project milestones

When a client purchases a fixed price service, it will be assigned to a pre-selected service provider on a first come, first serve basis. If you have been assigned, you then need log in to your account, check the project details, and claim the project by setting up the project milestones straightaway.

Communicate with the Client

You will then be able to kick off the project and communicate with the Client via our built-in communication tool Workspace. You will be notified whenever you have messages from the client of this project that must be responded immediately.

Request milestone approval

After a milestone is completed, you should request the client’s approval on Workspace.

Get paid

When the client’s approval is given, an invoice will be generated automatically and sent to for request of payment. You should download the invoice under "My Finance" and make sure all the details are correct. You will be paid by after deduction of our fee.

Write a review

And always remember to invite the client to leave review for you after a project has been completed.

Sell your own service

We encourage you to design your own services and sell them through You will be given the priority to claim for them.

Find out more

If you have any questions, you can check the Provider FAQ page.

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