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The Asian market especially China can be very lucrative but even then, the sales may not happen naturally – you will need to commit resources to develop pipelines. Ideally you should visit the markets, distributors and business partners regularly to keep the sales coming in. If you currently don’t have your own team on the ground and you cannot travel in the current situation, how do you do to generate leads, find distributors and develop your business over there?

Read More has a range of B2B business services designed to help you clear the barriers to enter the Chinese and Asian markets and convert the opportunities into sales, whether that means generating leads from China or visiting tradeshows, doing KYC forms or selling to China online. All of these are delivered according to the scope described, directly to you via our sophisticated platform ensuring quality and efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness. Start selling to Asia today with also provides full cross border eCommerce solutions for selling to China, including setting up online stores, such as Tmall,, and relevent distribution services, digital marketing and more.

We offer a range of standard services which you can purchase to suit your requirements. However, if you need more tailored solutions, we are always happy to discuss how we could help you. Please get in touch and book a free initial consultation.

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currently viewing 6 / 6 services

currently viewing 6 / 6 services

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Ting Zhang

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