Setting Up Cross-Border Online Store for China


  • Delivered within 10 to 15 working days (subject to platforms’ policy)
  • Consultation with eCommerce expert included
  • Bespoke registration checklist and timetable
  • Submission of store opening application
  • Quality guaranteed




How can you set up cross-border online stores without registering your business in China?

China is one of the largest eCommerce markets in the world. Cross-border eCommerce stores offer overseas brands the opportunity to sell on Tmall or the other platforms and interact directly with Chinese consumers. Without being a registered business entity in China, you can build your brand by opening online stores on Tmall global, JD worldwide, WeChat mini program stores and more. However, choosing which platform and what type of store to operate is difficult as each affects your budgeting, the operation procedure, marketing plan, and most importantly whether it will bring the target audience of your brand. Moreover, the store opening process involves submitting documents, filling forms in Chinese, using a Chinese mobile number to activate your account, and other steps which have to be completed in Chinese. If you have limited resources to manage this process, this service will be the best solution for you.


This service will assist in the setting up of your online stores in the following ways:

● Consultation on eCommerce platforms and store types
● Bespoke registration checklist and timetable
● Submission of store opening application
● Monitoring of application process
● Transferring of store registration details to you once it is open



  1. Fee charges and deposits required by eCommerce platforms and out of pocket expenses (eg translation, courier fees etc) are not included.
  2. Other services such as store design, product page design, and store management proposals are also available upon request to customer service.


How the project is delivered

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The difference among platforms is not only about scale, but also about target markets. Tmall, JD worldwide and VIP are the players who are strong in both local markets and in cross-border eCommerce. While other platforms such as YangMaTou and Kaola (acquired by Alibaba already) only focus on cross-border eCommerce. Another option is to set up your WeChat store through your official Wechat account.

There are also more differences at the operational level. For example, Tmall is considered to have the most categories with a focus on clothes, cosmetics, and F & B brands. is mainly for purchases of home appliances and electronic equipment, but are expanding their categories rapidly. In terms of fees, Tmall and are comparable, although tends to charge slightly more expensive fees. Regarding payment methods, Tmall supports Alipay only & bank cards and supports WeChat Payment, JD Pay and bank card.

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