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Business Strategy

Having solid business strategy and market strategy help ensure the success of doing business in Asia including China. It is important to set out with the company structure and business model right with a forward-thinking approach. These foundations can provide long term benefits in capital financing, tax planning, human resources management, supply chain and logistics planning, leading to continuous international expansion meeting your growth strategy. 

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From how to expand business to China to set up distribution and growth strategies and selection of partners, from understanding the differences between a representative office, a branch and WFOE to open office in China, can provide a one-stop business strategy and planning services according to your Company's stages of development. Thanks to our wide network of industry and market contacts and strong partnerships throughout Asia, we also connect you with appropriate experts and advisors to advise you on demand to faciliate your market entry into China and Asia.

We offer a range of standard services which you can select and purchase to suit your requirements. However, if you need more tailored solutions, we are always happy to discuss how we could help you.

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currently viewing 4 / 4 services

currently viewing 4 / 4 services

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Ting Zhang

Ting's Blog: Doing business with China: Communicating Effectively

Unless you can speak fluent Chinese and have a decent understanding of the culture, communicating with your business connections in China can sometimes be frustrating. Find the right way and it could help you to breeze through the process, advises Ting Zhang, founder and CEO of

Ting Zhang

Ting Zhang on the Chinese market in 2020

ing Zhang is Founder & CEO of, the first full-service platform dedicated to Chinese-speaking business services powered by online platform technology. Known as “the Go-to Person for China”, Ting has 25+ years’ experience of UK-China international business, trade and investment. Here she gives shares her predictions and insights about UK|China business relations for the coming year.

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