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We specialise in professional English-Chinese translation and Asian language services for business clients in a range of sectors: legal, medical, education, retail, technology, finance and more.’s approved translators can turn your marketing material, website copy, product information, contracts or any other business and legal documents from English into accurate Chinese and vice versa. Moreover, those who work on business documents not only have native-level fluency in the languages, but also understand business and field-specific terminology as well as having a good comprehension of the cultural and legal issues involved, which will make significant differences to your creative writing and localisation projects.

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We also offer flexible Chinese interpretation services for clients in multiple locations, whether that is in China or Southeast Asia, North America, the UK or Europe.  We offer a range of standard services which you can purchase to suit your requirements. However, if you need more tailored solutions, we are always happy to discuss how we could help you.Please get in touch and book a free initial consultation.

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currently viewing 5 / 5 services

currently viewing 5 / 5 services

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Ting Zhang

Ting's Blog: Doing business with China: Communicating Effectively

Unless you can speak fluent Chinese and have a decent understanding of the culture, communicating with your business connections in China can sometimes be frustrating. Find the right way and it could help you to breeze through the process, advises Ting Zhang, founder and CEO of

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