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How do you know if the key terms are right when negotiating technology transfer deals?

If you have already made some progress in exploring the market and have at least one interested partner in discussions, whether it is product distribution, manufacturing, joint development, or licensing, the first step is usually an MOU or “Heads of Terms” to frame the deal. Although an MOU is non-binding, it can be difficult to substantially change the terms later without jeopardizing the relationship with your partner, so it is important that an MOU represents the specific and realistic intentions of the parties. Sometimes a Chinese partner will provide a brief and vague MOU – this leaves many big issues unresolved and may be storing problems for later. Or you may have some specific terms drafted, but you need to understand whether they are valid under Chinese law, or represent hidden risks. Before a deal is certain, you may not want to spend too much budget on legal support. This service is intended to give you a low-cost initial review before you and your proposed business partner get into more detailed negotiations.


You will receive legal advice on the proposed terms of a deal, including whether the deal terms are valid under Chinese law, and suggestions on how the terms may be reworded or restructured. You should provide any proposed terms (whether or not they have been drafted by you or your potential partner) as the basis of the review.

  • ● Reviewing the proposed terms with comments and advice, approximately 1.5-2 hours.
  • ● 1-hour phone / video conference with a qualified and experienced Chinese lawyer. The lawyer will discuss the comments and agree with you any changes recommended.
  • ● Recommending changes and finalizing a new version, approximately 1-2 hours of work.



It is recommended to use this service alongside the BD & Sales services on platform, particularly if you have already had meetings set up with target companies and a deal is under discussion. If you do not yet have any deal terms and would like some initial guidance, you may choose Legal and Strategy Clinic.

This service does NOT include:

  • ● Drafting an MOU or terms for you from scratch. We expect that you have an outline already, however, we can substantially amend or improve on your draft.
  • ● Drafting a legally binding contract. This service applies to an MOU only.
  • ● Negotiating with the other party. Negotiating can be a complex process which is not possible as a standard service, but can follow on from this service.

If you have a Chinese translation already, the lawyers can address both the English and Chinese wording, but the review will be only in English if you do not have a Chinese translation yet.


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This service is provided by qualified Chinese bilingual lawyers who specialize in commercial deals around technology transfer, joint ventures, joint development and other technology-related agreements. Following this service, you can engage the same lawyers on a project or hourly basis to help you with negotiations and conclude a deal.

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