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Understanding the market landscape for your business is vital if you are seeking market oppotunities in China and Asia – and it is key to achieving success.  Our market research services include qualitative and quantitative research methods: from a focus group on a city-level to a comprehensive nation-wide channel check for your product; from face-to-face interviews with industry experts to a full market entry research.

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An important strength of’s market research service is our expertise and experience in conducting technology and sector-focused researches including retail market researches. Clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary research team’s technology expertise, our contacts and insight with numerous Chinese academics and key opinion leaders. Our industry focuses are gaming, wireless/telecom, IT/electronics, pharma/medical device/healthcare, energy, engineering, education and brand retail.

To avoid potential business risks, it is important to conduct a careful and thorough investigation of the economic, legal, fiscal and financial circumstances of a potential business partner. simplifies this procedure for businesses by providing standardised China due diligence services including company registration check, desk research, specialist interview and more.

We offer a range of standard services which you can purchase to suit your requirements. However,  if you need more tailored solutions, we are always happy to discuss how we could help you. Please get in touch and book a free initial consultation.

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currently viewing 13 / 13 services

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Simon Walker
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Guest's Blog: "A bag of yellow fish, please?"

It’s very easy to find yourself buying what you didn’t intend to in China…My first trip to Beijing involved a happy day walking some of the tourist sites. I was after some food but was intimidated by the array of unknown dishes on the restaurant windows. Relieved, I found a street seller who offered a few things I could point at. I

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