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Why is it important to audit your Chinese website?

​A Chinese website audit involves analysing your website for technical, user experience, and SEO issues. The website audit will help you assess the current performance by asking these important questions:

  • ●   Review the performance of your website: Is your website optimised for maximum usability? Is your website designed according to Chinese users’ navigation habits? Is your website optimised for leads generation?
  • ●   Evaluate your content SEO performance: Is your website content high quality? Does your page follow on-page SEO best practices?
  • ●   Assess your technical SEO performance: Is your website design responsive? Is your website error message free? Are your website URLs optimised? Is your website structure friendly to Chinese search engines?



This service will provide you with a thorough assessment of all the essential issues of the content and the codes on your Chinese website, including:

  • ●   Content SEO performance assessment
  • ●   ​Technical SEO performance assessment

Based on the assessment,  an actionable SEO plan will be created for your website, including the set-up of your sitemap and installation of Baidu Tongji to help you fix the issues identified, so Baidu can better crawl, index and rank your website.

Notes: this price only applies to a website with fewer than five pages.


How the project is delivered

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    Once your payment is successful, one of our pre-selected delivery partners will be in touch with you within one working day to start your project and deliver the work back to you within the agreed timeframe.

  • 3. Quality guarantee

    All services purchased on this platform are guaranteed by The service will be delivered according to the scope described. If you are not happy with the quality of deliverables, please let us know and we will either help the project team improve the work, or refund your payment. Please refer to our Terms of Service for details.

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There are four main differences:

  • Global versus local focus: Google is globally focused, indexing Chinese sites on a par with other sites. Conversely, Baidu dominates China’s search market and offers higher ranking to sites with servers located in China, as well as with Chinese content. Our marketing specialists could help you localise and host your website in China for optimal search performance.
  • Indexing time frame: It can take longer (several days) to get a site indexed by Baidu than Google due to the tighter internet regulations in China.
  • Search algorithm: In general, Baidu’s algorithm is not as sophisticated as Google’s. For example, Google has an image recognition function that helps identify relevant images without the necessity of alt text. However, Baidu mainly uses alt text to help identify images.
  • Social media: Just like Google, Baidu takes into account social media accounts and links. But it favours Baidu’s own platforms like the Zhidao Q&A forum, and the Wikipedia equivalent in China, Baike. On the other hand, WeChat is a closed platform and its content is not searchable via Baidu, so you should also post your content through Baidu’s own social media platforms for best Baidu search results.

  • Make sure that you have at least one page of your site in Chinese. Baidu prefers Chinese content to English content and you need to make sure that you include the keywords and meta tags in Chinese on that page.
  • Host your website from China
  • Baidu prefers to index the sites hosted in China. Click here to find out more about our China Website Hosting Service.
  • Do a proper SEO check on your translated pages

A one-off SEO check to optimise your ranking is also available.

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