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Why is it important to set up a company in China?

When the time is right, it could well make sense to establish your own legal entity in China. This can have many benefits, such as enabling the employment of people in China, operating an office in China, invoicing in local currency (RMB), registering a WeChat Official Account with full functionality, etc. But, navigating the process of registering a Chinese entity from overseas can be confusing and more complex than in many other countries. Furthermore, if the entity is registered with the wrong information and scope, it is difficult to change later.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you hire experienced service firms to help you set up a company in China properly and professionally.


​You will get:

●    Guidance through the registration process. Answering questions such as how much capital should be registered and what are the implications, and what business activities should be included on the business license.
●    Provision of all forms to be completed by the client.
●    Submission of completed forms and accompanying documents to the relevant authorities on the ground in China.
●    Assist in documents preparation and bank account opening (capital account and RMB basic account) 
●    Preparation of relevant company stamps and having them made.
●    The business license to operate in China legally.

Note: Any quotation does not include out of pocket expenses such as translation, gov statutory charges and courier fees.


How the project is delivered

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    All services purchased on this platform are guaranteed by The service will be delivered according to the scope described. If you are not happy with the quality of deliverables, please let us know and we will either help the project team improve the work, or refund your payment. Please refer to our Terms of Service for details.

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Yes, the details above, including the fee, are for establishing a foreign owned subsidiary. Service is also available to help you with establishing other forms of entity such as: representative offices, branches, joint ventures. The services for these can be found on the platform too.

There are multiple forms of entity such as: representative offices, branches, joint ventures. They each have pros and cons with implications on what you can do and cannot do in China as well as on your future tax / HR considerations. You can first try to understand these, then choose the appropriate form to suit your business plan and scope in China. The service includes an initial consultation to help you decide this.

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