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Human Resources

Whether you are a UK or a European company doing or seeking to do business with China and Asia, or a Chinese company engaging in opportunities in the UK, you will need to recruit people for a range of tasks who understand not only your technology and business, but also the Asian and European markets, language and business culture. But how to source candidates and hire employee in China and Asia? At, we offer comprehensive recruitment, human resource and talent management services throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment and selection to employment contract negotiation, from HR consulting to salary calculation and payroll management.

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We also offer bespoke training and advisory services which are practical, interactive and illuminating, with a strong focus on Chinese business matters and best practice covering a wide range of topics. Participants are guided through the important dos and don’ts and will be equipped with comprehensive tools to maximise their chances of success in doing business in China.

We offer a range of standard services which you can purchase to suit your requirements. However, if you need more tailored solutions, we are always happy to discuss how we could help you. Please get in touch and book a free initial consultation.


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currently viewing 8 / 8 services

currently viewing 8 / 8 services

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Ting Zhang

Ting's Blog: Tackling the talent shortage challenge

China has been through the “growing pain” of lacking a skilled labour force for the past decade, and it is not getting any better soon, according to various British business leaders in China I talked to during my recent trip.

Jiao Li

Rethinking your Talent Strategy in a post COVID-19 China

COVID-19 has not only severely disrupted the Chinese economy but also brought profound changes to the labour market in China. SMEs and start-ups are experiencing a talent drain as job security becomes more important and the appetite for risk-taking has largely dropped.

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