Knowledge | An Overview of China’s Biopharma Clusters

January 17, 2023

When it comes to doing business in China, the first thing to keep in mind is “China Speed”. As far as China’s biopharma industry is concerned, growth is rapid and exponential. One study, conducted

Business | How to build a long-lasting partnership in China

December 01, 2022

Having the right partner is essential in ensuring sustained business success in China. What do you need to know and do...

Knowledge | SETTING UP IN CHINA: Key Considerations and Practicalities

November 10, 2022

for anyone in the UK who is used to setting up a company online with a few clicks, setting up in China is still a complex process. From our experience of handholding clients

News | Ting's blog: UK-China in 25 Years: a personal reflection

October 03, 2022

Ting Zhang, founder and CEO of, has witnessed dramatic change in the quarter century since she arrived in England, in both her life and in her business ventures – helping bridge the gap b

recruiting in china

HR | Recruiting Your Talent in China: Part Two – Making the Perfect Hire

September 22, 2022

How to screen, shortlist candidates and make the perfect hire in China.

recruiting talent in china

HR | Recruiting Your Talent in China: Part One – How to Attract the Right Applicants

September 20, 2022

Our tips based on our real experience helping clients to recruit talents in China.

Knowledge | Guide to Doing business in China 101 - Overcoming the barriers

August 10, 2022

Cultural and language barriers are often cited to be one of the top issues for doing business in the Middle Kingdom. So before you go, you may find it useful to refresh your knowledge about the key...

Knowledge | Guide to Doing business in China 101 - China Operations

August 04, 2022

Are your business objectives still best served by operating a WOFE or whether new arrangements with your Chinese management and partners will suit better in 2022 and beyond?

News | UK-China relations: challenges of the changing geopolitical landscape

August 01, 2022

Does the recent anti-China rhetoric by British PM candidates represent an irreversible trend within the British political establishment? Or is it just temporary election hype without teeth?

Knowledge | Guide to Doing business in China 101 - Sales & Marketing

July 28, 2022

So many business executives and entrepreneurs said to us “I wish I had met you before I started doing business in China. It would have saved us from making so many mistakes!” Based on the questions...

Business | The Challenge of Managing Your China Operations

June 08, 2022

China is constantly changing and international business needs to be able to adapt to the constantly changing environment. Many will need to decide whether their business objectives are still best.....

Knowledge | The Business of Looking Young and Beautiful in China

June 21, 2022

When 14-year-old Zhang Yu started his hair care business in 1999, no one expected that he would own China’s largest hair transplant franchises years later. Zhang’s company, Yonghe Medical Group......

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