Past Webinar | Crayfish Webinar: Top 5 trends in Digital Marketing in China 2019


China is the biggest online market in the world, with 800 million internet users. This market could be doubled up in size in the coming years as the wider population gets online. Now we are halfway through 2019, and it is the right time to talk about the biggest trends in China digital marketing world.

The China digital landscape changes quite swiftly yet unpredictably. As a result, it has become more and more difficult for brands to formulate their marketing strategies. As a foreign brand, it is important to understand what the latest current trends are and how you could tailor your marketing plan based on them.


In this webinar, you'll understand:

  1. Understand the digital landscape in China
  2. Learn about the latest trends in Chinese digital marketing
  3. Learn how to tailor your digital marketing strategies for your Chinese audiences


The Speaker: Jiao Li

Jiao is the co-founder of, a leading service provider for better engagement with China, powered by technology. provides the expertise to assist the company through all their multi-lingual business needs, the connections to facilitate cross-border collaborations, and capital to bring their business to China. Jiao is an e-commerce and digital marketing professional. Before she co-founded, she has spent her previous years working in a multinational FMCG manufacturing company in both the UK and China. After achieving top marks at the London School of Economics, she went on to become Unilever’s E-commerce and Digital Manager, where she led an international team to develop and launch various successful social media and website campaigns.


You can now watch this webinar here: