Business | Weekly Webinar Series: China-Let's Talk Business

Whether you are already operating in China or still looking to get in, you may be interested in keeping on top of what's happening in the world’s fastest-growing market.  In a country where the culture and economic system is fundamentally different, what key aspects of business are changing with the economy recovering, and how might this impact your business and brand?

This new series of short free webinars is packed with up to date insights, case studies, practical advice and tips.  We also encourage you to bring your questions on real business issues and engage directly with the experts from the network. 


Session 1: How to do business in China post Covid-19?

Date & Time: Thursday 15th April (12:30-13:00 GMT)

Ting Zhang will use her 20+ years of experience passionately working at the forefront of UK-China business, trade and investment to discuss how companies can successfully do business in China despite the ever-changing geopolitical situation.  She will touch on the opportunities and challenges in China to answer the question of how businesses can carry on trading with China despite being unable to visit the country.


Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO of
Ting is a thought leader on UK- China trade and investment, and her expertise have been called by governments, businesses and think-tanks alike. On a daily basis, she is passionate about providing high-quality, value-for-money online business services for better engagement with China and beyond.

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Session 2: How to do B2B digital marketing in a post Covid-19 China?

Date & Time: Thursday 22nd April (12:30-13:00 GMT)

Digital Marketing has become the most efficient marketing and customer acquisition tool in China. As a British B2B brand trying to reach target audiences, where do you start?  How can you best create a plan of action for Social Media? How do you talk, reach and ultimately sell to this huge market? Join our China digital marketing expert Jiao to explore how the pandemic is changing customer behaviours and marketing approaches, and how you can adapt to the changes.


Jiao Li, Co-Founder of
Jiao is a highly experienced eCommerce and digital marketing specialist. Having previously spent six years working as E-Commerce and Digital Manager in Unilever in both UK and China, she actively assists clients with their China-related market research, strategy development and digital marketing initiatives.

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Session 3: How to protect your IP in China?

Date & Time: Thursday 29th April (12:30-13:00 GMT)

This session will focus on the intellectual property protections in China for businesses entering this market. What IP issues might you confront during the process, as a tech business, and as a brand?  What are the latest trends for IP in China? What practical and cost-effective support is available to help you prevent, protect and commercialise your IP rights in China? Join our IP partner expert Luna and learn more about the best IP protection strategies in China.


Luna Zhang, Senior IP Consultant 
Born in China, educated in France and now based in Spain, Luna Zhang started her IP practice in 2006 as an in-house legal counsel. Throughout her career, Luna has advised international clients on a wide range of intellectual property issues, working on cases related to strategy, prosecution, and enforcement.

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*This series of webinars are open to organisations that are looking to do engage with China in terms of trade, investments and culture links. reserves the right to decline registrations that are deemed irrelevant. For any future event opportunities, please subscribe to our newsletter.