Bio-tech | Online Q&A with Crayfish Experts #2: Your China Business Questions Answered- Healthcare


Pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the globe are working hard to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, from developing vaccines to solving the PPE shortages. As China starts the recovery, it’s important for companies to understand the impacts, the considerations and the key learnings from China.

In this online Q&A session, invites Dr. Jiansheng Du, the Life Sciences Specialist in Department for International Trade (DIT), to answer practical questions from businesses trading or looking to trade with China, especially during the difficult times with the Covid-19 pandemic at the home market.

Participants can sign up to the online session and submit the questions through in advance), and Dr Du will go through these questions during the live online Q&A session after a brief update about industry trends. These questions are not meant to be confidential in their nature so the participants can learn what’s going on in their industry in China from a broader participation by their peers.

It is free to attend the online Q&A session, but submitting questions is compulsory for admission. Attendance at this Q&A session is open to all individuals and organisations in healthcare industry.


Date & Time: 28 May 2020 (Thursday), 10:00 - 11:00 BST



Dr. Jiansheng Du, the Life Sciences Specialist in Department for International Trade (DIT)

DIT Specialist Dr Jiansheng Du brings substantial experience from the life sciences sector to help increase inward investment in the UK. Du has travelled extensively throughout China and the Asia Pacific region, and has sourced overseas companies to collaborate with UK companies to increase inward investment in the UK. 

His expertise can benefit any multinational organisation looking to invest in the UK in the fields of: 

·       Biopharmaceuticals

·       Stem cell research

·       Drug discoveries/screening 

·       Medical devices

·       Diagnosis 

·       Functional food/natural medicine


Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO, | Co-Vice Chair, UK China Tech Forum

Ting Zhang has 25+ years experience of UK – China business, trade and investment. She has advised hi-tech SMEs, FTSE100 corporates, UK universities as well as government agencies, VC Funds in Europe, and financial institutions in Wall Street. She has also been engaged by Chinese tech companies to help expand into the UK / Europe.

In 2017, Ting launched, the first online platform dedicated to enabling better engagement with China, and in September 2019 she went on to launch Crayfish Accelerator, a fully funded programme helping ambitious UK tech startups to get China-ready. 

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