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    Get £30 off all projects above £200. Simply contact us upon completion of the project, and we will refund you. 10th May to 10th June.

    Crayfish® Events and Webinars run regular events and webinars to provide latest Chinese business updates, knowledge and best practices.

    Upcoming events

    Tuesday 14th May 2019

    How to create your China budget and decide on the right registered capital for your China investment

    In this webinar we will provide the importance in budgeting, tips on what you need to think about when budgeting and on how to calculate your mandatory registered capital amount.

    9:30am-10:15am,  Tuesday 14th May
    Tuesday 21st May 2019

    How to create your China business plan – choose the right business activity and right company name

    This webinar will highlight the importance of creating your China business plan, tips on how to create it and important considerations such as choosing the right business activity and company name for your business.

    9:30am- 10:15am, Tuesday 21st May 2019
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    Tuesday 18th June  2019

    E-Commerce in China- Your gateway to the market

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about the secret technologies behind Alibaba Group and China’s largest online shopping festival Double 11, how Chinese E-com brands  are increasingly global, how advanced analytics and AI technologies are driving smart retail and more integrated consumer experiences both online and offline in China.

    9:30am- 10:15am, Tuesday 18th June 2019

    9:30am- 10:15 am, Tuesday 4th Jun

    Trade Webinar: How to choose the right registered office address for your China investment

    In this webinar we will be looking at all these components and how they can affect your China investment.

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