How to write the best Description for your Project?

A clear and detailed description about your job, task or project will help attract the best talent in our pool of bilingual providers. If you are worried about confidentiality you can ask whoever bids for the job to sign an NDA, which can be done in one simple step.

You should outline what types of skills your job, task or project requires, the more detail the better. Do not worry about your requirements wish list sounding too difficult. It will help you find the right bilingual provider for your needs. The best talent will be just a click away

If there are links to similar work that you want doing, it can help provide a better understanding of your job, task or project, so you can upload these. Likewise, if you have any relevant documents upload these too, they may help attract the best talent. And you must provide a reasonable timeframe.

If you are happy for the job to be done remotely then you do not need to specify a location, however if you require the Provider to go to a location or face to face is part of the job, then you should make that clear.