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    Language & Culture

    Cultural Training

    One of the most common factors contributing to the business success in China is the understanding and adapting to the Chinese culture. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in the learning to better prepare yourself for the different cultural environment.

    Why Crayfish

    • The trainers provided by Crayfish are native Chinese speakers with business experience in the Western countries
    • The training does not stop at theoretical level. The trainers will elaborate and demonstrate how to apply knowledge in real business environment

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    from £20 per hour

    • Post your project and hire a Crayfish approved culture trainer to help you.
    • Training cost negotiated directly with the trainer

    Option 2: How we can help

    Crayfish enterprise service

    from £500 per training session

    • Crayfish handles your project from enquiry to delivery of the training.
    • Tailored content is possible to suit your business needs
    • Training cost will depend on your requirement

    All prices are exclusive of VAT

    “I had excellent feedback from the culture briefing session – people found it both useful and enjoyable”

    a former client of Ting Zhang, CEO of

    Helpful Tips

    What should I know about giving gifts to the Chinese?

    Gift giving is a common Chinese custom that business visitors to China should prepare for and use to advantage. Some simple guidelines:

    Who: Typically, if you have only one gift, then it should be presented to the person in charge or the leader of the group.

    What: Gifts need not be expensive. If you do not already have a ready made corporate gift, the best gifts to offer can be items that are unique to the West (for example, something unique to Britain) or even better your own regional area. Gifts to avoid include clocks and umbrellas due to cultural taboos.


    What is “face” and how does it affect business in China?

    The idea of “face” in Chinese could be loosely defined as “public dignity” or “self-respect”. The Chinese do not normally prove someone wrong in public, particularly those more senior to them in terms of age or position, but it does not always apply the other way around!. Any criticism is best delivered privately, discreetly and tactfully, or else the result will be just the opposite of what you wish. Everyone keeping “face” is the best solution to problems or potential conflicts.

    To read more about the Chinese culture, click here online marketplace

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