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    Language & Culture

    Learning Mandarin

    The Mandarin teachers that Crayfish offers are all native Mandarin speakers experienced in teaching Chinese in English. More importantly, they all have first-hand experience in working in the West, and truly understand the styles and needs of learners in business environment.

    Fast-track courses

    from £20 per hour

    • 2 hours or one day
    • basic Mandarin for daily social and business environment

    On-going courses

    from £30 per hour

    • standard regular courses to improve your Mandarin skills gradually
    • start at the Mandarin level you are already at

    Tailor-made Mandarin course

    From £40 per hour

    • designed and delivered to suit your specific needs
    • one-to-one or group teaching/learning as required

    All prices are exclusive of VAT

    “My company pays for a prestigious institute to teach Mandarin in our office, but I enjoy learning from you far more.”

    a student of Crayfish approved Mandarin teacher

    Helpful Tips

    Can you give me some tips on learning Mandarin?

    If you are planning a business trip to China, you should download some essential Chinese travel vocabulary so that you can take it with you during the trip. It might save you from getting lost in a strange country and help you with situations like telling the taxi driver where to go.

    If you are interested in learning Chinese in a more structured way, you will find a useful list of resources for learning Mandarin Chinese under “China Library” section.

    To see more tips about learning Mandarin, click here online marketplace

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