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    Marketing & Communication

    Media & PR

    Expand your business into Chinese market through the right communication channels

    Crayfish helps you to reach a wider audience in China in a more cost- efficient manner, by enabling you to access talent and resources to get your Chinese media and PR projects done, whether these be developing and managing media contacts, choosing the right influencers or conveying the right message to your targeted audience.

    Chinese Media Management

    • Target audience and media behaviour analysis
    • Contacting Journalists
    • Press release distribution
    • PR and Media performance analysis and review

    Key Opinion Leader Management

    • KOL auditing and performance review
    • Choosing the right KOL
    • Contacting KOL
    • Sponsored posts and gift arrangement
    • Product reviews on eCommerce websites

    Events Management

    • Event planning
    • Venue sourcing
    • Meetings management
    • Event registration
    • Accommodation& Travel platform provides abundant choices of freelancers who are responsive and cost effective. Crayfish also offers tailored services to manage your projects on your behalf. Contact us for a free quote.

    Helpful Tips

    Why should I promote my brand using KOL?

    The KOLs in China could be WeChat Official Account owners, Weibo bloggers, Taobao store owners and popular online celebrities with vast amount of followers.
    People generally have the tendency to trust someone they see as ‘real person’ and this is especially the case with Chinese consumers who trust their favourite celebrities over brands. As a result, KOLs command stronger influence on consumers in China than in most other countries. These online celebrities not only write posts about the brands that they like, but also sell the products to their followers directly via their Taobao online shops. The products such celebrities endorse often become best sellers.

    Crayfish would suggest any brand that wants to create brand affinity and to boost the sales for its flagship products in China to consider having the right KOL on your side. online marketplace

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