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    Marketing & Communication

    Market Research

    Many businesses are interested in entering into the Chinese market. Getting market research done is the most important first step. Crayfish has abundance resources to offer you to get your research projects done.

    Methodologies & Channels

    • Selected and combined approaches of desk research, surveys and interviews
    • Balanced input from stakeholders including regulators, trade bodies, suppliers and customers

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    • Post your project and hire a Crayfish approved freelancer to help you
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    Crayfish Enterprise Service

    • Crayfish handles your project from enquiry to delivery of the research report
    • A course of actions are recommended as a result of the market research
    • Project cost tailored according to your project scope and unique needs

    “Their design and analysis of the customer research was very good. We find Crayfish a good alternative to get our market research and surveys done.”

    Managing Director, a London-based software company

    Helpful Tips

    How do I do due diligence on a potential Chinese partner?

    If a Chinese company is listed in China, you can easily find public information on them. For a private company, some credit information companies may hold a basic profile, particularly if the company exports. You can always have some form of tailored due diligence done, by doing an online search in Chinese in combination with calling its customers, suppliers, staff and even its competitors. Your Chinese partner may well expect this, but it is best to do it discreetly, so that no one loses “face” – a very important aspect of doing business in China.

    How can I get some market research done quickly on the Chinese market? What is the most effective way to do it?

    You can always start with desk research in English (unless you can read Chinese), and you may find a lot of information available online. However, to get to the important issue– such as whether your product will be acceptable to Chinese customers – it is not that straightforward. Here, some primary research would be advisable, where you should arrange for real interviews so people can give you their own opinions. You can do this through calling your own contacts in China, or hiring someone locally on the ground to talk to your potential customer(s). The latter is probably better due to the time difference.

    You have learned how Crayfish can help you understand the Chinese market, let’s get the ball rolling. online marketplace

    Post your project and hire a Crayfish approved freelancer directly

    Crayfish enterprise service

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