PPE Products Sourcing

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Crayfish provides an online platform, the “Crayfish® Marketplace” where businesses who require provision of certain goods and/or services, and service providers who can meet such requirement can connect and transact with each other. 

We would like to put our online platform technology to good use during these unprecedented times, and therefore have added sourcing of PPE products /services onto our online Marketplace, by making the whole procurement of these products easier, safer for businesses,  especially if the volume is not large enough to justify sourcing directly from factories.  

None of the products available via our suppliers was intended for medical use, and as such have not been sourced at the expense of any medical practices.

Available Products


3-ply Facemasks

Hand Sanitiser

N95 Facemasks


Why buying via Crayfish.io Marketplace?

Better Quality

We carefully select the most credible suppliers. The providers for work safety products and related services on Crayfish Marketplace have been selected based that all the products they sell are CE certified and meet the relevant quality assurance requirements.  The manufacturer of the product (if it is Chinese) is on the "whitelist" published by the Chinese authority.



You save money by cutting out the middleman. We make sure the pricing of all products offered by the providers on our Marketplace is competitive for comparable products that are available through other reliable channels.



Fast Turnaround

The providers on our Marketplace have their stocks readily available in the UK and can be received by the Clients within typically 5 working days anywhere in the UK and 10 working days anywhere in the EU.



Peace of Mind

Thanks to Paypal and Stripe chain payment solutions, your money will be held there securely and will only be released to the Provider once you are satisfied with the delivery of products and services.


How it works

PPE products sourcing is one of the categories available to transact on our online Marketplace, alongside other business services such as translation, copywriting, market research. You can post your requirement through our platform and get competitive pricing and availability from these suppliers that we have carefully selected based on their credibility and quality of products and services.

Sign up as a Client

  • Follow email instructions to activate your account.
  • Do check your spam folder if you don't receive a confirmation email.​

Post your requirement

  • In your dashboard, post your sourcing requirement as a “Project”, describing your requirement for the products (items, volume and delivery date) and service as clearly as possible. Follow the process through to bidding period. Ignore those fields that are not relevant to you such as featured and NDA options.
  • Submit your post for approval. A straightforward posting can be approved fairly quickly. Should clarification be required, we will contact you.
  • Clarify specific questions by messaging the bidding freelancer in private before making up your mind.
  • Wait for the bids to come through!

Select the best Provider

  • Click on the bidding Provider’s names to see their information on the products and services offered, stocks and service portfolios and more.
  • Evaluate each bid and make your selection. Remember the cheapest bid may not always be the best.
  • Clarify specific questions by messaging the bidding Provider in private before making up your mind.
  • Authorise your selected Provider to start the supply of products and services by accepting his/her bid.
  • Transfer the full Project Fee (in the case of sourcing products, this means the entire amount for products to be sourced) into Crayfish’s PayPal or Stripe holding account. 
  • Open the Project’s WorkSpace to communicate with the Provider securely and confidentially during the Project, and send or receive files in a secure environment.

Pay – simple, secure and hassle free

  • We will release the payment to your Provider when you are happy with the products and services delivered.
  • Invoices will be sent to you automatically from our system upon payment. You can also access your transaction history in your project’s WorkSpace.
  • No hidden charges. We retain an all-inclusive fee from the payment to Providers for providing the service. There are no additional charges to you.
  • Posting your requirements is free, and we have set the commission to be zero until the end of September.

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