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    Get £30 off all projects above £200. Simply contact us upon completion of the project, and we will refund you. 10th May to 10th June.

    Tips and guides for Clients


    This guide is designed to help you, whether you’re completely new to hiring a freelancer, or you are new to doing business in China. We aim to give you expert tips on every aspect – from writing a perfect job or project description to choosing the right freelancer for your project. Why not join like-minded businesses people from around the world who are eager to capture the opportunities China offers by hiring bilingual freelancers via Crayfish? Many businesses have already have seen the benefits!

    QUICK TIPS for Clients

    QUICK TIPS for finding your ideal Crayfish freelancer

    √  Try to do some research and assign a reasonable budget for your job

    √  Don’t go for the cheapest bilingual freelancer just for the cost saving – you’re looking for the best you can afford, to do your work to a high standard and meet your deadlines

    √  Prepare the information you are going to share ahead of time

    √  Post the job as far in advance as possible, so you have sufficient time to get the job done and allow for any revisions or delays

    √  If you receive a lot of bids for your job, go through them in batches to make it faster and easier to compare. You will get some unsuitable applications, which is normal, but look out for the ones that stand out

    √  If specialist technical knowledge is required to do your project, make sure the freelancer understands the terminology and subject matter properly – test them with some questions first

    How does Crayfish vet the freelancers to ensure quality?

    Our quality commitment to you means only those who pass through our screening process get to bid for work. We have a set of robust protocols and use multiple means to check if freelancers have the language skills and the correct qualifications and experience to undertake work for our clients.

    Our verification process includes but is not limited to:

    • An authenticated email address
    • A valid ID
    • Relevant previous Chinese project experience
    • Acceptable bilingual skills
    • Compliance with our Code of Conduct

    We make personal contact with freelancers as part of the screening process, and regularly monitor reviews and feedback to ensure only those fit for quality work stay at Crayfish.

    Search here for the skills you need to get your Chinese job done.

    What if my search doesn’t show a suitable freelancer?

    Crayfish freelancers offer a wide choice of skills. But if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for you can just Post the project on We boast a large pool of bilingual freelancers who browse our site frequently and one of them may well have exactly the skills you seek.
    Crayfish attracts proficient Chinese speaking freelancers from all over the world. They are knowledgeable about culture, experienced in business and familiar with all forms of communication. So it does not matter where you are, just Post your project and it will get done!

    What if I would like to cancel the project?

    You may cancel a Project posting anytime before accepting a proposal from a freelancer. Once work has been authorised you can longer cancel a Project.

    There are exceptions when a freelancer cannot meet the agreed project deadline due to health reasons, legitimate unforeseen circumstances or force majeure and under these circumstances, a project can be cancelled and refunds made to you for any deliverables not yet supplied, after a review by Crayfish.

    For more details on cancellation policy please refer to our Terms of Service.

    IP – who owns the legal rights to IP generated by the freelancers?

    Once a freelancer receives payment for work completed on a project, our Terms of Service specify that ownership of that work transfers to you, the Client.

    If desired, freelancers and Clients may also agree on different or additional terms regarding IP ownership.

    IP – how can I protect my IP with the freelancers?

    Our Terms of Service state that you own any intellectual property (IP) that you may release when posting your job. If your project contains sensitive information, you may wish to ask for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be signed by the freelancer(s) during the job bidding process. You can purchase that option by selecting the NDA price plan. You are advised to take additional steps and measures as appropriate to safeguard your confidential information just as you would when interacting with other people  you don’t know.

    How to communicate with your freelancers

    We recommend you ask some questions as part of the selection process, so both sides get a chance to know each other’s expectations before going ahead with the job.

    Here are some sample questions you can ask a freelancer:

    1. Why do you want to do this project?
    2. Can you provide examples of work similar to mine?
    3. Are you currently working on any assignment for a competitor?
    4. Can you start right away?
    5. Do you anticipate any problem you may have with this job?


    If you are happy with what you hear from the freelancer, then you may want to tell them in return:

    1. More background information– this could help to stimulate some useful suggestions from the freelancer.
    2. Any flexibility with deadline (if so, this has to be followed up in writing via your WorkSpace).


    Set a suitable budget for your Chinese project

    When our freelancers choose to compete for a project, money is of course an important factor. So it is worthwhile assigning a realistic budget to attract the right level of expertise.

    You may already know exactly how much you want to pay for a particular job from previous experience. But if this is not the case, then browse the Projects page to find out what others are paying for similar types of work.

    If you really have no idea how much the job should cost, then you can leave the field blank and let the freelancers bid. But the cheapest bid may not always be the best. Remember, you should evaluate a freelancer’s qualifications, language skills, timeline and overall cost before making your choice.

    Write the best description for your Chinese project

    A clear and detailed description of your job, task or project will help attract the best talent from our pool of bilingual freelancers. If you are worried about confidentiality you can ask whoever bids for the job to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which can be done in one simple step.

    Start by outlining what types of skills your job, task or project requires; the more detail the better. Do not worry about your requirements or wish list sounding too difficult. It will help you find the right bilingual freelancer for your needs.

    Upload links to work similar to that you want to be done, which can help provide a better understanding of your project. Likewise, if you have any relevant documents, upload these too, as they may help attract the best talent. And you must provide a reasonable timeframe.

    If you are happy for the project to be done remotely, then you do not need to specify a location. However, if you require your selected freelancer to go to a location or attend face-to-face meetings as part of the job, then you should make that clear.

    You can browse our Projects page for ideas and inspiration.

    What can a bilingual freelancer do for your business in and with China?

    You can hire a bilingual freelancer to do anything related to China, for example:

    Sales: Our company requires someone to make sales calls in China

    Translation: Our product leaflet needs to be translated by a technical person

    Social Media: We need to set up a Wechat public account and draft an initial communications plan

    Marketing & PR: We’re looking for a quick understanding of opportunities for  email marketing in China

    Admin & HR: My MD needs a travel schedule for his next visit to China

    Design: I need a Chinese logo designed

    Culture & Language: I would like to learn some Chinese on a one-to-one basis

    Market Research: Can you help me with some telephone interviews in Chinese?

    Legal & Compliance: How do you go about getting cosmetic products into China?

    IT & Tech: Where do I find Chinese software developers for a project in China?


    Advantages of hiring a bilingual freelancer for your Chinese project

    Most companies need help to convert potential Chinese business opportunities into sales revenues. Certain jobs demand specialist skills – for using the Chinese social media channel Wechat; copywriting for the Chinese market, or knowing how to go about a Chinese Utility Model Patent search. Other tasks could involve Chinese language tutoring or even completing a China working visa application. You can’t do it yourself because it is in Chinese. And, you can’t justify employing full time or even part time staff for these jobs, at least not until you see sufficient business coming from China.


    So you need help!

    Nowadays there is a lot of free information online and many government agencies also offer helpful advice. However, they only tell you what you need to do. In reality you still need someone to actually get those jobs done.

    But where do you go to find someone qualified, willing and able to take on these kinds of tasks?

    Here are some alternatives to consider:

    There are a number of reputable Chinese specialist consultancies that may be equipped with the expertise required to do your job. However, you may need deep pockets and an assigned budget to pay their daily rates, which are typically in line with the management consultancy industry, covering overheads, premises, salaries and benefits plus equipment and materials.

    You might think that hiring an agency would be an easy way to get your projects completed, especially on the creative side of things like digital marketing and design. Again you could be right if you have enough budget. Agency fees need to cover their headcounts, from designers to admin – and more. As a smaller business, you may not get priority over larger clients and you may not get the most experienced talent to work on your project. And would they always understand your China needs?

    Freelancers with the bilingual skills that you need can provide a much more personal service because they normally only work on a few projects at any one time. And they will always make sure you are happy with the work they deliver to ensure you leave good reviews, which can help them get more work in the future. Did you know that consulting firms and agencies use freelancers too, to complement their internal resources?

    So what are you waiting for? Crayfish is here to help you

    Hire a bilingual freelancer through Crayfish and you can cut out the added costs and hassle of going through a middleman. Importantly, you can get the resources you need to get your job done and you receive better client service.

    Crayfish connects you to qualified, proficient Chinese speakers who have the right skills for your specific job or projects; who are culturally aware and who are available to work for you on demand.

    But the platform does not stop there – our easy-to-use interface can help you get your Chinese projects done in four easy steps, smoothly and seamlessly.

    Is there a time limit for the work to be finished?

    On all projects or tasks, you and the freelancer agree on the time needed for completion. We require all jobs to be done within 60 days following your authorisation. After that, a job either has to be completed or cancelled.  Should more time be required, you will need to contact our Customer Service team to reflect that on our system.

    Who are the freelancers on Crayfish?

    Anyone, anywhere who is a proficient English-Chinese bilingual speaker, has flexibility in working and wants to earn an income can register on Crayfish. Typical profiles of freelancers on Crayfish are:

    • Qualified Chinese speaking professionals supplementing their income
    • Diversified Chinese-speaking freelancers building work portfolios
    • Educated homemakers wishing to keep in touch with the business world
    • Chinese students studying in overseas universities seeking real work experiences